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How to make vr cardboard Easy | vr headset at home

In this tutorial i make VR (virtual reality) with easy step.


Cardboard , scissor , gum , scale , 1 pair of biconvex lens Sources of BICONVEX LENS : Binocular OR Buy from amazon.in LINK :
This is an easy to make VR headset. You can use any easily available convex lens. If the focal length is low, like 35mm to 50mm then performance is good. However those are not easily available. So use lens from small magnifying glass or toy binocular. Those are having focal length of 100mm to 120mm. So the thickness of the VR headset will be approx. 0.9 x f = 90mm. Make you own, and have the experience of 3D video at your fingertip.
You will be very much exited with 360 degree videos available in YouTube. Virtual reality is back baby and, with some incredible VR headsets in development, the best is yet to come. Virtual reality is an immersive experience in which your head movements are tracked in a three dimensional world, making it suited to games and even movies.

:::::: Step 1 :::::::

Parts:::::: Parts needed:
1. First you need a set of 25mm diameter, 40mm focal length lens. I buy these lens because of the fast shipping, cardboard lens.
2. Card board. I use a gifting box that you can buy in most stores like Walmart or Fred Myer. They are also available online.
3. Velcro strips.
4. One head strap. This provides a more realistic, hands free experience but is also optional. Having no head strap and holding Cardboard to your face works just as well (You just don’t look as cool).
I bought mine here, cardboard head strap. Tools
1. Sharpie
2. Exato/Box knife
3. Tape. scotch tape and packing tape.
4. Scissors
5. Glue stick
6. Packing tape
7. cutting board
8. smartphone

:::::: Step 2 :::::::

In these videos I will show you the construction processes of making your own Google Cardboard. ::::::

::::::Step 3 ::::::

When looking for apps for Google Cardboard I recommend searching Google Cardboard, durovis dive and virtual reality in the app store in order to find the most results. My favorite apps are Insidious VR, Google Cardboard and Roller Coaster Simulator.

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