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Modified Royal Enfield Thunderbird From Bulleteer Customs – Mean Muscle

The gorgeous motorcycle you see on this page is actually a modified Royal Enfield Thunderbird that has been done up by the very skilled folks at Bangalore-based Bulleteer Customs. Dubbed as the ‘Rudra’, the customisers have given this 2003 Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 a much more alluring look.

modified royal enfield thunderbird rudra images

Rudra is basically a brat style motorcycle. While Cafe Racers and Bobbers are pretty well-known motorcycle genres, Brat motorcycles are yet to come into the limelight. Actually, the Brat style of motorcycles was made popular by a Japanese mod shop that was named “Brat Style”. The customisers over there used to strip the Cafe Racer motorcycles to bare essentials to make them go even faster. The modified Thunderbird 350 you see here follows a similar design theme.

As you can see in the images, Rudra gets a small front fender and a custom headlamp that carries many LED fixtures. The front wheel has been shod with a 110-mm tyre. Complementing the front-end, the rear gets custom tail lights and a 140-mm tyre. The spoke wheels have been painted black. The fuel tank is a peanut-shape unit that is typical of many retro-style motorcycles.

Rudra carries a straight seat, ribbed and long enough to handle a pillion with utmost ease. The front section gets a cluster projector headlight and a thick 110 section tyre while the rear uses LED headlights and even thicker 140-mm rubber. The motorcycle also gets low-set handlebars, a flat leather-wrapped seat and bar-end mounted rear view mirrors. The tank gets ‘Rudra’ and ‘Bulleteer Customs’ branding.

modified royal enfield thunderbird rudra images

The only performance modification that this motorcycle seems to be carrying is a custom exhaust that not only enhances the power of this motorcycle but also gives it a very bassy exhaust note. Other than this, the engine seems to have been left untouched. The stock Thunderbird 350 is powered by a 346-cc, single-cylinder engine that outputs a maximum power of 20.07 PS. It comes mated to a 5-speed manual transmission.

Talking about Rudra, Ricardo Pereira, director of Bulleteer Customs has said, “This is a 2003′ Thunderbird, we only work on 2013+ models however this one is the very first bike our client owned and he wanted it to be immortalized, so we built him this, the second of our BRAT series, this one’s RUDRA, inspired from images of Shiva in a rage, this one is one of my own personal favorites, with a 140 mm rear, 110 front tyre, blacked out everything else, gunmetal finish engine casing, power tuned AVL 360cc engine, racing handle bars, cluster projector Headlight, power exhaust and filter, digital meter and a seat that screams old school and allows for all types of riding positions, you can even share your wild ride with someone ready to get close , the machine is  quite literally BAD ASS”.

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